Enough Is Never Enough

I am having a difficult time knowing what to write. I know you all are looking for my trail journals but the longer I am on the trail, the easier it has been for me to forget my everyday routine. I feel peace though; being on the trail has ripped away my anxiety and it is easy for me to smile again. I am truly and deeply happy.
Carrying everything I need on my back for the past two weeks has opened my mind to how lost our people are. When we hurt we bury it in material, drown it in drugs, or stay so busy we allow it to manifest in our heads and drive us crazy.
While on the trail I have been listening to my brother’s band Pocket Science (they’re awesome, check them out) a lot, and one song that me and the other four hikers I am currently trekking with have really enjoyed is “Take Flight, Ignite”. Here are a few lyrics:

Everything kills, including the pills
Food on the shelf, degrading myself
Now all I want is to make a change in the world
But all I do is keep on begging for more
An endless loop of self-loathing and drugs
Digital hype, we’ve finally all had enough
And now its known, enough is never enough
You’re all alone, enough is never enough

So take flight ignite
And unwind your life
Cut loose, reduce
You’re doing fine

So take flight, ignite
And unwind your life
Cut loose, reduce
You’ll be alright.

I have listened to this song many times, but it first really resonated with me here on the trail. It hurts me to see the people caught in the rat race, especially the people closest to me.   Enough is never enough; I remember getting the iPhone 4 last year and how many comments I heard about it being so old and slow, but with it I had the ability to get in contact with friends across the country, write all of my school essays, and look up almost any piece of information I’d like. I can do all of that with my phone that is no bigger than the palm of my hand! The Jetsons would even be mind boggled by it. But still, because there is the 5, 6, and 7 now the 4 is nothing.
Crazy how society can lead you to believe you need these things. Go to your roots, how did people live before the new age technology and constant consumption. I have just as much idea as the rest of the world but I feel that the people probably appreciated everything they did have much more. Appreciate the blessings you have, don’t take it for granted, even your toilet (I swear you’ll appreciate it more when you don’t have it, ask any thruhiker). Enough is never enough. You are stronger and more capable than what you have been taught. You can make a difference.
Service is hit or miss, I will post when the chance comes. Check out my photos on my social media, on the bottom of my home page. Stay real, I am headed back to the woods. 110 miles down, 2,080 to go.

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  1. Hi Abbey,
    Those of us who grew up without being wired to the world through phones and internet know exactly what you’re realizing. Our social media was nothing more than a school dance or a church chili supper. I long for those simpler days that are seemingly gone forever. Technology has its place but getting back to the bare necessities is a heaping breath of fresh air. I want you to know that you’re not just walking for yourself; you’re walking for all of us closest to you. Love you ❤

  2. Hello Abbey,

    You continue to inspire me. Your courage and going for your dreams inspires me. You are wise beyond your years and you have so much to offer this world. I’m always looking forward to your pictures, blogs and Facebook posts. Keep it up. Hugs to you.

    Ms. Georgiou

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